Monday, November 30, 2015

''Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.'' - Paulo Coel

Remain the fastest, become the greatest. #Dubai #MyDubai #Hustle

Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.

The Tower Bridge by Bo Lundberg. #London #design #illustation

The Trendsetting Hugo Boss Commercial.

The World's Best Brands by Interbrand:

Active Users by Social Platform

A Third of 16-24s Use Social Media for Product Research.

Types of Wearable Devices that Internet Users in Japan Are Interested in Purchasing, by Gender, 2015.

Top 25 Most Effective Marketing Tactics

Saturday, November 28, 2015

''The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.'' - Albert Einstein

The Type Shop Sign in #London.

LogoFolio no.1 by Brandon Williams.

The Circles and Stripes on the Poster of #Chicago Series by Maddie Porter. #typography #graphicdesign

A Great Poster by Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997) Invented Modern Japanese Graphic Design.

Global Digital Statistics in 2015

29% of Smartphone Users Block Ads on Their Main Computers.

Android Leads Apple in the Smartphone Marketshare Battle.

Ways in Which Their Customers Discover Them According to the UK SMBs in 2015.

How Many Languages Are You Marketing In?

Friday, November 27, 2015

''Engagement does scale.'' - Gary Vaynerchuk #quote #marketing #entrepreneurship

Graphic design inspiration.

A simple shift in a photo can create new perspectives of seeing.

Noma Atmosphere by Jacob Mattesen Hansen

The Art of #Storytelling by Dean Gorissen.

Monthly Active Social Media Users in Southeast Asia

Online Retailers Need To Offer Free Delive

Can the iPad Pro Revive the iPad Brand?

Most Important Features of a Retailer's Mobile App.

B2B Mobile Marketers Are Aiming for Awareness and Engagement. #B2BMarketing #MobileMarketing

Thursday, November 26, 2015

''99% of people don't market in the year that we are actually we live in.'' - Gary Vaynerchuk #quote

THE CITY by Matteo Franco.

Eye See You, by Franck Nederstigt.

Think Graphic Wall Decor. #innovation #creativity #ideation

Craters of the Moon, June 1972. #graphicdesign #inspiration

Digital in Singapore, November 2015

Top 5 Online Research Channels Among Facebookers.

Google+ Is More Popular Than You Think

Primary Attitude Toward Mobile Advertising Among UK Mobile Device Users, October 2015.

Factors/Practices that Impede Their Work According to US Marketers in 2015.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

''The path to success is to take massive, determined action.'' - Tony Robbins

The Art of #Cycling: #Vintage Cycling #Poster.

Helvetica was drawn in 1957 by the Swiss designer Max Miedinger.

Transit by Alejandro Flores.

New Typeface. Excellence.

Facebook's Stats in Singapore, November 2015.

Why Facebook Is Revamping User Profiles.

1 in 3 Samsung Owners Want to Buy an iPhone.

Leading App Categories for Which US Mobile Apps Users Have Turned on Location Services in 2015.

Social Network Users and Penetration in Select Countries in Southeast Asia, 2014-2019.