Sunday, October 23, 2016

"The greatest leader is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." - Ronald Reagan

We only move the world forward when we gather together to achieve more - Nordic Business Summit. #vladimerbotsvadze #leadingbrandsforward #publicspeaking

3 flights in a week - my new schedule. #consulting #mentoring #teaching #coaching

The new feature LinkedIn suggested and which I added top 3 promptly.

The best brands work with me so they are proud of their growth and game-changing results. #fortune500

NBA art by Denis Gonchar

Uber visual identity redesign.

Do you know what really drives your business' performance? Source: MIT.

B2B buyers want to improve through a series of discrete interactions. Source: Forrester.

1 in 4 Instagrammers sharing photos to other networks. Source: GlobalWebIndex.

Brand marketers are looking to a variety of digital tactics to improve. Source: eMarketer

Types of discounts US Internet users prefer to receive with coupons. Source: eMarketer.

"I do doing better than anyone does." - Grant Cardone

It's not the dreaming, it's the doing.

OnePlus Phone Packaging by Mash Creative.

NBA art by Denis Gonchar.

Aston Martin Interactive Experience by Daniel Moulin.

Map your B2B business to the go-to-customer strategy matrix. Source: Forrester.

Half of YouTubers watching music videos. Source: GlobalWebIndex.

Most important technologies for achieving value from future data use according to marketing/media executives in North America. Source: eMarketer.

Here's what digital advertisers are thinking about in the age of click bait. Source: eMarketer.

57% of small business owners said they expect to grow their revenues in the next year. Source: eMarketer.

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